Click to book a tent site or caravan site below.


Dave  – Eventually, if you wanted to, each specific “site” on your map could be linked to a unique booking page that relates to a specific site number (eg C1, C2). I have just kept it simple for now as an example.
Or if you have, for example, certain sections with taps or without taps, we could have the buttons show the general area and say “Book a tent site with tap” or “Book larger caravan site” for the area with the bigger spaces. However you wanted to define things, the map allows us to have it click through to a specific ‘type’ and that type can have specific rates applied.

As I mentioned, you can set rates by the month/season as well – and once set up it will auto apply the relevant rate based on the booking date.

We can also add online bookings for storage “day rate per vehicle” as well if you like.